Saturday, September 4, 2021

Vinyl madness 2021

Well, they clearly see us coming.

The "vinyl variants" of A Charlie Brown Christmas must be selling quite well each holiday season, because this promotional gimmick has been going strong since 2015. By my count, we've seen slightly more than two dozen, with more to come this year.

I'm curious ... has anybody reading this blog faithfully purchased all of them? If so, let me know; I'd love to acknowledge your devotion.


The fun begins this year in an unexpected manner, with Craft's (believe it or not) pumpkin-shaped orange vinyl edition of its recently issued soundtrack for It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It's expected to ship September 17. (I'm pleased to see they found a clever way to include the liner notes I wrote for that release.)

Moving on to A Charlie Brown Christmas, Wal-Mart's offering -- a red glitter vinyl disc packaged in silver foil -- is available now:

Barnes & Noble will offer an exclusive limited-edition picture disc, packaged in silver foil, and with an embossed jacket, expected to be available on October 1:

Urban Outfitters is unleashing a clear vinyl disc with red and green splatters, also scheduled for October 1 (Actually, this is merely new packaging; it's the same "exclusive LP" as 2020, but in a foil sleeve instead of last year's lenticular sleeve):

Target has a metallic gold swirl vinyl, along with a new art poster. It's also available now:

And you have to love the peppermint vinyl soon to be available from RSD Essentials, due out October 15:

Newbury Comics also will unveil their variant on October 15, with green swirl vinyl:

Craft will hit us with a "glitter-infused clear vinyl" LP, scheduled for October 1. But I can't help quoting the caveat the label includes, in the description of this one: "Please note that vinyl additives such as glitter may, but should not, affect sound quality." 

Is this what we've come to? "Exclusive" LPs that aren't (necessarily) designed to be played?


In addition to these vinyl variants, numerous retailers also will offer the standard LP — which is to say, plain black vinyl — in a "silver foil" edition with the foil "wrapped" onto the outer sleeve, and the Peanuts characters embossed. This short video gives a better sense of how that will look, than any of the still photos I've found.

And here's a late entry from, in "red and green marble vinyl" ... although -- be advised -- the price point on this one is much higher than the others.

This is all I know about at the moment, but it's entirely possible that one or more other outlets will jump on board, as autumn arrives. If so, I'll add them to this post ... so keep checking back.


Endre said...

I’m still wondering what happened to Craft Recordings’ 45 rpm release of ‘Baseball Theme’ that was scheduled for release on the second drop of Record Store Day this past July. Any news/updates on this missing-in-action release?

Derrick Bang said...

Yes, and I should have included that in this post. The special "Baseball Theme" 45 was one of the recent Record Store Day's many casualties, due to the overall industry vinyl shortage, which has delayed — and, sadly, even canceled — all sorts of releases. Sadly, part of the problem is the multiple variants of some high-profile releases such as "McCartney III" and (ironically) "A Charlie Brown Christmas"...

Byron S said...

I recently purchased a copy of A Boy Named Charlie Brown from original analog tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. The sound is amazing on my turntable. I'd love to pick up some of the other stuff. I do wish that The Great Pumpkin soundtrack was better recording. Alot of complaints on Amazon regarding that.